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Friday, February 13, 2009
Friendship Week comes to a closure...

Hey people!

Today was the last day of Friendship Week and also a day with love filled in the air - Valentine's Day Celebration!

First and foremost, the council Frienship Week committee, headed by Zheng Gang (OIC) and Xin Wei (AIC) sincerely hopes that all TPJCians have enjoyed the events organized such as Angel and Mortal and the individual themes of the day!!!

Hope you had loads of fun leaving a mark on your friend, thanking your friend by writing a note, hi-five your friend randomly etc!

Friendship Week has come to an end, and we hope you will forever remember this event by your heart as well as your friends - keep them close to your heart!!!

Student Council

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Day 3: Leave a Mark Day

It was certainly interesting and amazing to see how TPJCians were so enthusiastic in leaving encouraging messages on their friends! Just mere walking around the school and you can see how many TPJCians have "graffiti" on their hands, legs and even faces!

It's also 2 more days to the end of the Angel and Mortal game so write more letters to your mortals/angels before the game ends! Do have the initiative to wrap some special gifts for your mortals or even your beloved angels! I'm sure those meticulous effort of yours will make their day!

Collection of balloons and roses will start tomorrow! Your class chairman will be in charge of collecting it from the councilors in charge after 11am. And you will get your hands on the really lovely heart-shaped balloons as well as the vibrant colored roses!!

As usual, the theme for tomorrow is Thank a Friend day. After the expressing of your feelings by writing on your friend or taking pictures, it's now time to verbally (or even write them small notes) to thank them for being a wonderful friend to you! I'm sure your words can touch their hearts!!!

Have fun tomorrow! And remember to treasure your friends every single moment!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Day 2: Take a Photo Day

Hey TPJCians!

Did you guys have fun taking lots of photos today? I certainly did! It is definitely a rare sight to witness TPJCians getting their cameras out and taking photos throughout the day! We certainly hope you have enjoyed!

Angel and Mortal Game! Are you guys getting more and more gifts from your Angels each day? Or have you been a good angel by giving your mortals nice letters?

Oh yes, balloons are still on sale for $0.50 each so do check out the Council Room or approach any councilors you see walking around the school that are holding the balloons!

Tomorrow will be Leave a Mark day where you get to write nice messages on your friends! (With their consent of course!!)

Have fun tomorrow!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009
Day 1: Hi-Five Day

Yo TPJCians!

Greetings from the 23rd Student Council! Hope you have enjoyed the first day of Friendship Week today which is also the Hi-Five day!

Before I go on, have you hi-fived your friend today?

Oh yes, the Angel and Mortal game have also begun so do make your way down to the Council room everyday to check if you have letters given by your Angel or replies from your Mortal! Make sure you be a responsible Angel and send your Mortals a message a day!

A message a day keeps the blues away!

There will also be sales of ballons outside the Council Room (they are really small and cute so do you get your hands on one of them!)

Just to keep you guys posted, tomorrow is Take a Photo day so take photos with your friends to keep the memories for life!

Have fun and keep checking this blog for more updates!

Saturday, February 7, 2009
Publicity Video for Friendship Week!

Hey there TPJCians!

The promotional video for Friendship Week is released! Do view it below, it showcases the key events and themes of each of day of the Friendship Week! Have loads of fun!

Brought to you by 23rd Student Council. :D

Friday, February 6, 2009

Two more days to Friendship Week!

Friendship Week is from 9th February to 13th February 2009.
During this period, the Student Council will be selling heart-shaped helium balloons and roses in many different colours!

Spread your love with these pretty things:
Heart-Shaped Helium Balloons $2.00 each
Roses $2.50 each (comes in black, gold, white and pink)

For those who have pre-ordered your roses, yours will be in red! :)

Also, please be reminded that pairing of Angels and Mortals have begun.
Please check your tpjc.net (both J1s and J2s) for your mortal name and your number (very important) and get ready to start writing those letters!

Below are the rules:

Game Rules:
1. Exchanging or changing of mortals is disallowed.
2. Every participant must remember that (s)he is an angel and a mortal.
3. The angels must
4. The angels are allowed to give gifts to their mortals (e.g. chocolates, cards). write at least one letter a day for his/her mortal.
5. The mortals must
6. The mortal must not ask questions in their letters that try to reveal their angel’s identity. reply to their angels at least twice, though they are not obliged to write one every day.
7. The angel must not leak out too many clues as to who they are.
8. The angels and mortals must label clearly
9. Prior to the start of Friendship Week, all angels must think of a nickname that is not crude and that retains mysteriousness. the nicknames and real names (AND CLASSES) of their respective correspondent.
10. Students will use their own writing paper. Students will be encouraged to use one envelope for all five days so they do not have to repeatedly write the names of the mortals / angels clearly and also to ensure their letters do not get lost.
11. Students are only allowed to exchange contact (e.g. Mobile phone numbers and MSN addresses) after the reveal on the last day of the event.
12. Students are not allowed to spread the names of their mortals/angels.
13. Students are not allowed to use crude or obscene language in their letters. Any mortals/angels experiencing such treatment should report to the overseeing committee immediately.
14. Participants who fail to abide by all game rules will be handed over to the school discipline committee.
For every day of the event, participating students will be required to report to the Student Council room for the dropping of and/of collection of letters. Student Councilors will be on duty for 15 to 20 minutes during each session.
Students are reminded to label clearly their mortal’s/angel’s names on the letters, so as to facilitate collection.
Other Sessions: 9.30AM, 11.30AM, 1.00PM and 2.00PM

Have lotsa fun this Friendship Week!
23rd Student Council

Thursday, January 29, 2009
Angel and Mortal

This Friendship Week, make yourself new friends at TPJC with Angel and Mortal! I believe this game needs no introduction to many of you, as this is not entirely new. But here’s a brief introduction for you guys who don’t know that much about TPJC’s very own Angel and Mortal game. :)

Sign-up forms are now available at the Student Council Room or the General Office and you can ask any of your Class Chairpersons for more details.

Basically, this game requires you to write a letter to your own designated (random) mortal for five days and not reveal your identity to this mortal. You, on the other hand, will also have your very own angel whom you do not know the identity of*!
The crux of this game lies in communicating with one another without knowing who the other person is. When this activity ends on 13th February 2009, you will get to know the real identities of your angels, and even exchange contact with them if you guys really hit it off well!

Shower your love to a fellow TPJCian today – make a new friend and care for him/her!
Love and have lots of fun,
23rd Student Council

*You will be required to reply your angel at least twice in the week, just as your mortal will be required to reply you twice in that same week.